Moving Academy for Performing Arts
A theatre laboratory

June 15 - 16:30 - @ IZONE

Karina Holla

Life of a mime artist

June 16 - 16:30 - @ IZONE

15 minutes of glory

Presentations of different projects around the world

June 17th - 19:00 - @ IZONE

Producing theater in Sweden
and The Netherlands

June 19th - 20:00 - @ Les Kurbas Centre

Open discussion with the directors from mime schools
Amsterdam / Stockholm / Kyiv

June 22nd - 12:00 - @ IZONE

Loes van der Pligt (NL)
Artistic director mime department
Amsterdam Academy of Theater and Dance

Lena Stefenson (SE)
Artistic director mime department
Stockholm University of Arts

Nataliia Uzhvenko (UA)
Head of department of Pantomime
Kyiv Munitipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts

Davy Pieters (NL)
Theatermaker and director

Ria Marks (NL)
Theatermaker, director and mime performer

Jean-Daniel von Lerber (CH)
Cultural manager
manager of mime artist Carlos Martínez