Carlos Martínez

Gestures are not necessarily international. Each country has its own movements with distinct nuances, characteristic gestures. And every generation, community, profession, sport, family and person has a particular visual vocabulary. Part of my job as a mime, a communicator without words, is to constantly enlarge my gestual dictionary.

My pieces have a Spanish stamp of identity but at the same time they are all created with the international technique of mime enabling them to be understood around the world.
My work takes me to many places and I delight in observing the beauty and richness of different cultures. I enjoy the vibrancy that a country offers at a first glance and I savour the small details that emerge with time. Then as a mime actor I am privileged to discover, analyse and absorb new forms of non-verbal communication.
But at the same time, I feel the responsibility of offering my spectators the very best repertory. My mime stories are my loyal travel companions and my imaginative translators. On stage they take over and communicate for me.

From all my pieces I have created a show, which following my intuition, will best help me create an open and sincere dialogue especially with audiences who may not be familiar with my work. The program contains many of my most emblematic pieces and received the prize of honour, voted by the audience as the best show, of the XXI Almada Theatre Festival, Portugal.

Mime Actor Carlos Martínez Mime Actor Carlos Martínez
Mercè Saumell Jean-Daniel von Lerber
The Pocket Watch: Piano Waltz No. 3 by Frédéric Chopin, performed by Pavlos Hatzopoulos
June 18
20:00 - 22:00
(inclusive voluntary aftertalk)

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