GOOD GRIEF - A Workers Manual

page 36.
You have been referred to this page because you are in urgent need of help.
Take it easy.
You will survive.
Even if it scares you, try to stay in the pain.
Dare to take it.
You will notice that it is not bottomless.
Although it feels impossible, you have to move on.
Your work is incredibly important.
Good luck!

In this piece, we meet The Grief, who enters the inside of Sally, who suffers sorrow when her sister suddenly dies. The Grief helps Sally through the stages that anyone who lost someone must undergo shock, anger, denial, and finally acceptance. For her help The Grief has a manual to guide herself through Sally's most difficult moments. But can we really trust that The Grief will do her job?

MATILDA BÖRDIN. Mime actress, educated at SADA Sweden.
Matilda Bördin was born in Borås, a little town in the south of Sweden. She has a background in text-based theatre and improvisational theatre. Between 2012-2016 she worked as a freelance actor and she was also teaching improvisational theatre at Improverket and in acting for stage at Folkuniversitetet in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2016, Matilda began her bachelor’s programme in mime acting at Stockholms Academy of Dramatic Arts and will be graduated in May 2019.
Matilda has an extraordinary interest in the physical expression. To work with the body as a tool to create characters and environments and to explore the borders between theatre and dance. For her, comedy and laughter is an essential part of life as well as art. She believes that through the laughter we open up to be able to get involved in a deeper sense. Mixing the very innermost, our grief, with comedy is what Matilda wants to do in her artistry.

Matilda Bördin
Jonas Jörneberg Jacob Danielsson
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