Mime Wave is an NGO, founded in 2010 by Anastasiia Liubchenko with the support of MAPA.
In that year she moved from Kyiv to Amsterdam to study mime at the AHK Theaterschool after having studied pantomime and animation in Kyiv.

Mime Wave has two goals:
1. Creating international cultural collaborations by producing theater performances, organizing workshops and network opportunities and festivals.
2. Combining different disciplines in a theater with Anastasiia as the creative leader.


The festival is an international platform for education, collaboration, sharing experience and showing performances for everyone who is interested in physical and independent theatre.
Our goal is to create opportunities for artists and performers from all over the world.

2021 - 2nd edition
Because of the pandemic the second edition of the festival had to be online. This can be seen as a limitation, but the truth is that it opened up many unexpected doors.
We were able to reach people and connect with them from all over the world. This would not be possible on such a scale with a festival on location.

For this online edition the biggest challenges were creating a real connection and making it accesible.
we wanted to make the festival as accesible as possible, for both artists and visitors. Therefore we created the 'Festival TV', which showed all events pubically on the main website, with a clear program underneath.

For the artists our goal was to make sure we created easy ways for them to connect.
This was possible by the a participants only program.
It included 5 workshops, a festival café that only the artists could attend and the Zoom link so that they could attend lectures and discussion to ask questions or join conversations.

We are very grateful and glad to have seen so many artists from many different places in the world attending events and sharing knowledge with each other.
A true community has been created, which is very valuable.
The program included:
- Online talks with professionals from The Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland and more.
- Online meetings for networking and exchange purposes.
- Online workshops
- Streamed performances

2019 - 1st edition
In the summer of 2019 Anastasiia Liubchenko, a director, theatre maker, performer and teacher, made her ambitious dream come true. She created an international festival of physical theater and called it the Mime Wave Festival.
The first edition of the festival took place in Kyiv (Ukraine) with a program containing workshops, performances, lectures and a unique intensive course for theatre management.
click here to have a look at the 2019 edition!